Friday, April 28, 2006

CLEVER by name...

Edited excerpts from Leftlane News (my interjections/wise-ass remarks in roman case):

BMW [has] released the first images of the completed CLEVER (Compact Low Emission VEhicle for uRban transport). As the (frankly awful) name/acronym suggests, the aim of the project was to create a vehicle that was practical, safe, and environmentally-friendly (to compete with the Small Modern And Really Trendy car?).

One fascinating aspect of the vehicle is its unique tilting design for stable, motorcycle-like cornering. A problem with three-wheel vehicles with a symmetrical wheel layout is the tipping moment when cornering, which cannot be controlled at high speeds if the vehicle has a short wheelbase. To solve this problem the CLEVER’s center of gravity can be moved towards the center of the corner by banking the forward portion, while leaving the 'driven' section horizontal.

At just over three feet wide, it is 20 inches slimmer than a SMART car. The hydraulic active tilt system is electronically controlled and keeps the vehicle upright at low speeds.

The 230cc BMW engine runs on compressed natural gas and the vehicle will have a top speed of approximately 50 mph. Its fuel consumption is a frugal 188 miles per gallon.

The vehicle is different from previous attempts to create a small urban vehicle in that it is fully enclosed in a metal framework. Its roof is as high as conventional cars, and it can carry a passenger (behind the driver). Recent crash-test results have been extremely positive.

If the CLEVER makes it to production, it is expected to cost £6,500.



Major Look said...

:-) Looks like a C5 on steroids!

(The C5 was the Sinclair electrical three wheeler for those of younger years - not the more modern Citroen variant)

brett jordan said...

For those who are interested:

for those who don't know, mr look is one of many sad souls who suffer from 'C5 syndrome'... a little known, but severe condition involving extreme panic-attacks and nightmarish flashbacks from having attempted a 4 mile journey in one.

Major Look said...

Thanks for that site - I hadn't come accross it.

I recomend all of you travel over there - you can even buy DVD's (now up to volume 4) of C5's.


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ConradGempf said...

Photo of its current incarnation here: