Thursday, March 16, 2006

UK demands control of its fast jets

It looks like the issue of who 'owns' and 'controls' a product after it has been purchased isn't confined to the entertainment industry. Vnunet reports that the UK has warned America that it will cancel its £12,000,0000,0000 (count those noughts!) order for the Joint Strike Fighter if the US refuses to give full access to the computer software code that controls them.

Apparently the current software in the hi-tech jet fighters could be remotely disabled by the Americans.

The UK's Minister of Defense, Lord Drayson, is currently in Washington speaking with members of Congress, apparently explaining that Britain has a 'Plan B' if the Joint Strike Fighter deal falls through.


Major Look said...

Wasn't 'Plan B' by Dexys Midnight Runners?

If so, how is Kevin Rowland going to be able to get this problem sorted out? As far as I know, he is still finding it hard to know if he is Kevin or Keila?

brett jordan said...

Dear Major Look

Thankfully, not living in Yorkshire, it doesn't apply :-)