Wednesday, March 01, 2006

If Microsoft designed the iPod's packaging

If you've got a couple of minutes, and you're on broadband, do yourself a favour and visit


for a hilarious and perceptive video that explains what Apple gets right, and Microsoft gets wrong.

Thanks to Conrad for pointing this out.


conradgempf said...

It's nice to have my name attached to it, but I was only relaying a link found on -- a good source of mac- and tech-related stuff in general.

Sky Jordan said...

This made me giggle, if only I had more geeky friend to show it to!

Can Opener Boy said...

much sadness: "the video has been removed by the user"

much happiness: search on YouTube yields other copies still accessible!

~ cob

Can Opener Boy said...

much sadness. all links on YouTube now apparently dead. =O(

~ cob

brett jordan said...

google video have it

Tim said...

Liked it; there's nothing like a swipe at Microsoft to make one feel better about themselves... Hang on, XP is about to crash again; need to go now ~