Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Intel Mac Mini

The Mac mini has always been a great idea. Not much bigger than five CD cases (6.5 inches square and 2 inches tall) it is reasonably priced, as quiet as a quiet thing, and attachable to just about any low-priced keyboard, mouse and monitor on the market.

Now, with 'Intel-inside' it is fast as well. Starting at $599 (£449 in the UK!) you get a stable, remote-controllable unit that can serve as the centre of your home's A/V system. Wait for real-world reviews before making any purchasing decisions, but if the quoted speed increases are accurate, it should even be able to cope with high definition video. (Oh, and they haven't dumped FireWire yet, so you can still start it from an external disk, hurrah!)

And with WiFi built-in, I'm guessing this is only the start of Steve's carefully planned takeover of your home entertainment system.


Skep said...

And take over he will. I know I'll be using this for my A/V system when I can round up the funds.

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Anonymous said...

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