Monday, February 13, 2006

Alternative Interfaces

Check out these URLs for some wonderful interface ideas that look more like something out of iRobot or Minority Report than what we know as real-life!

New York University

World of Apple



ConradGempf said...

Oh, man. I want that photo-viewer / lightbox... but I want it for arranging research notes...

Can Opener Boy said...

This looks absolutely stunning, in functionality.

I'm wondering, though, what the ramifications will be in fluorescent light environments?

Was the dark room environment in which the video seemed to be shot for effect, for video clarity, or is that how we will be expected to use the interface?

I think we've come a long way in screen brightness, but my Palm pilot and cell phone still suffer in direct sunlight.

Like Conrad, I would love the photoviewer app -- and the video equivalent would be great too. I like iMovie, but using *that* would be awesome!

~ Keith

Anonymous said...

can i have one at work please?


brett jordan said...

Of course you can Jason... I'll even help you wire it in to my desktop machine... just pop upstairs with your credit card details and we can order one now :-)