Sunday, January 22, 2006

Flirting with quick'n'dirty blogging

At first glance, Apple's new iWeb package seemed to have removed my excuse for not doing a simple-to-use, drag'n'drop blog.

Here at last was a simple-to-use interface which produced attractive web layouts. So, I purchased the package and spent Saturday afternoon exploring the program and putting a preliminary blog together, only to realise that it doesn't have any kind of provision for comments!

So, until iLife with comments materialises, I've decided to compromise and am going to run this site in parallel with my brettstuff site. There will be times when I still want to make things look pretty, so I'm not abandoning it completely... I'll put links to it as it is updated, and this site will become the RSS feed for it, so get rid of the brettstuff RSS feed, and replace it with this one.

Oh, and now there is provision for comments, feel free to provide feedback.


ConradGempf said...

Glad to see you up and running on another blog, Brett. And it's wonderful that you have this built-in system for us to leave our comments and questions. So... What do you think about Sven Goren Eriksson's decision to leave after the World Cup.

Tim Neale said...

Hi Brett,
Just found your Blog via Jason Clarkes. Will be calling by lots. Thanks