Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Balmuda Highwire LED light

Balmuda Design reports: [edited]

Highwire is a LED desk lamp which emits enough light for practical use. Generally a desktop work area needs around 300-700 lux of light in order to be able to work comfortably. Highwire produces more than 1,000 Lux.

Highwire is not only the brightest LED desk lamp but also has an incredibly long life span. It keeps 70% of its original light output even after 50,000 hours. The colour emitted by Highwire matches the color of a computer display. The light coming from Highwire does not include infrared rays and so emits less heat.

Highwire is equipped with a slow start and stop mechanism in which the light gradually brightens when turned on and dims when turned off.


Major Look said...

Wow - like the look of that, but you forgot to mention it costs $630. EEK!

brett jordan said...

Yep, for that price you could get a plain old ikea lamp and an air-conditioner to cool it down :-)

Anonymous said...

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